Today is my last day at Vimeo.

Having just written that sentence, I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. If I ramble here a bit, it’s because I’ve entered into a temporal paradox and language has ceased to hold any meaning for me. It’s that surreal. So I will attempt to put into words the implications of that first statement for me.
It’s pretty much impossible to explain how I feel on a day like today. It’s just like any other normal Friday I suppose, except NOT AT ALL, and I’m feeling emotions I really haven’t ever felt before. Because I’ve never done this before. I’ve never had to say goodbye to a company I helped build and to a group of people I trust and care about so much. I just never really imagined this day.
The truth is, I fucking love everything that Vimeo stands for and I couldn’t be more proud of what it’s become. I just couldn’t. I’ve spent the most amazing years of my life working on something I fundamentally love. I helped build one of the most amazing communities in the world, and helped create a platform for millions of people to express themselves and be inspired. That shit got me out of bed each and every day. And I am so fucking proud if it. And I’m so incredibly lucky. Lucky to have been able to love what you do for so long while being apart of something that positively affects the lives of so many people. It’s been amazing.
Vimeo is special for so many reasons, but the most important element has always been the people who make it. People I’ve worked with and collaborated with and invented with and fought with and laughed with and evolved with… for six fucking years. People who had the vision and the passion to create this amazing thing called Vimeo and stick to it’s founding principles without being distracted by what everyone else was doing, or telling us to do. And knowing that I’m not coming back to the office on Monday to work on that, with them, is, well, really fucking sad. Because they’re the best. And I’ve been lucky to work with a team who are my friends first, and my colleagues second. I’m going to miss them.
I guess the logical question is why the fuck am I leaving? It took me a long time to process it, but I finally realized that the other passions and interests I have in life have now become a little more important to me. As much as I love Vimeo, I have love for so many things I haven’t yet pursued. There’s a large world out there and I feel such a strong urge to explore it more. I need to flex new muscles and face new challenges with the same passion I put into making Vimeo for so many years. And I know it won’t ever be the same. But I know this is the right decision for me. Hard as hell, but right.
So here I am. My last day. A day I won’t ever forget at the end of six years years that are impossible to forget. I am saying goodbye to one life and hello to another. Goodbye Vimeo, you’ve been real.
[cue sunset]
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