Just spent the afternoon trying to find my friend’s sailboat in a marina in Rockaway, NY, an area that was hit particularly hard by Sandy. On the way there, it was completely eye-opening to witness how completely and totally fucked all of Rockaway and surrounding areas are. Every house was under 3-6 feel of water at one point. Every single one. By the time we drove through this afternoon, weaving around huge boats in the street, people we’re gutting everything from their homes and siphoning gas out of ditched cars. It looked like a war zone.

We finally made it to the marina where by friend keeps his boat. Most of the area was eerily clean save a giant motorboat propped on top of another near the entrance. Then we saw the boat pile. And asked where my friend’s boat was.

"Oh, it’s over there in that mess."

Not what I was hoping to hear. My friend is in Thailand right now and has been since before the hurricane. We were the first people to see what happened to his gorgeous, hand-made, wooden sailboat.

After climbing over marooned boats littering the ground, we found it. Unbelievably, it appeared to be fine. It was just wedged in between two other boats and a mere 200 yards away from where it was supposed to be. We scoped it out, took some pictures, and gave our info to the manager. It looks like it’s going to be okay. But Rockaway is not.

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